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Good morning, World! You have given me more than one Miracle in this life, but there are Miracles for which I am especially grateful . ⠀ Today is the same day, the birthday of my and my sister We are not twins by birth and the difference between us is two years, which makes this event truly Wonderful. But we are twins in spirit! ⠀ Masha, now I'm in faraway India, and you are in windy Petersburg, but I can feel you thousands of kilometers away, and it seems that we had this connection even when we were not ourselves. I wish with all my heart that every year of your life will make your life happier, fuller, calmer, more confident and more joyful! ⠀ I love you very much and am infinitely grateful to the Universe for such a gift, because to be born in the same family, complete with your best friend — is it not a great Karma 👌 ⠀ @marusstyle! #chudo_yoga #eyewear #sunglasses #vacation #cool #fun #sun_hat #summer #hat #headgear #glasses

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