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I could almost see what coffee brand the crew in passing aircraft was sipping on ☕️ We do get to witness some pretty cool views from up here. This is standard separation of 1000 feet in RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) airspace. I could see them pop up on our screens before my eyes could and I quickly grabbed my iPad and focused it to where I thought they would appear, turned out to be a pretty cool crossing. In addition to our onboard systems telling us where the other traffic is, we are also under radar control with ATC and just as we have left/right hand traffic when driving a car, in the air we have odd/even flight level making sure that two traffic flying in opposite direction will never be at the same flight level, smart eh? 🤓 #airplane #flying #pilotsofinstagram #pilot #femalepilot #airliners #airlinepilot #bluesky #pilotmaria #flying #avgeek #askthepilot #pilotmaria #happylandings

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