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Photo by @JimRichardsonNG | Flying over Sanday you can see how dynamic the islands of Orkney truly are, constantly building dunes on one side while beaches are carving into farmland on the other. Here, the sea has made a large incursion, breaking into the interior to create a tidal bay at Overbister. (“Bister” is old Norse for a farm.) The farm at Overbister is caught in the middle of this geological bickering; when will the tides or a winter storm choose to remake the coastline once again? Really hard to say what it looked like when the Vikings came, let alone when the Neolithic people started farming here 6,000 years ago. Follow me @JimRichardsonNG for more Scotland. #scotland #orkney #nature #natural_landscape #water #water_resources #coastal_and_oceanic_landforms #lagoon #inlet #estuary #sea #river_delta

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