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Our life consists of moments. ⠀ And some moments are simply invisible because they are so fast that the eye does not have time to see them. And I love catching them, literally catching them, because sometimes you have to point the camera in the direction where something might happen and just wait. And sometimes you don't have to wait, but just run around an interesting photo or catch a frame in the dynamics. ⠀ Video, as for me, can not convey all the brevity and importance of the moment, but it can convey its beauty and focus on the details. Therefore, for me, it is the camera that has such a sacred meaning. ⠀ The whole process is more like a ritual, where you need to pay attention to all the details and the emotional component. ⠀ ▫ ️ ◼ ️I want to learn how to shoot a video that conveys all the emotions as in a photo, and in General for me it is still a completely new world where there are no restrictions of imagination. #matthieu_chedid #concert #event #performance #audience #auditorium #design #stage #musical_instrument_accessory #music #crowd #performing_arts

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