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January was incredible, friends! This time there will be no list of ten achievements and events, there will be only a few, but what достижений ⠀ I write this post looking at the warm ocean, and I consider my long-awaited vacation one of the main events of January. India, Kerala, Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Centre. ⠀ This is probably the best gift I could give my body and mind. Last year was incredibly dressed up and finally taking a vacation was the right idea. And India is love! A place filled with incredible energy, amazing people, the smell of saffron and a sense of love for this World in which you are drowning. But about this another time ✍ ⠀ On January 29, the long-awaited event took place -- the release of my first book "Miracle yoga: Harmony of body and mind". A year ago, when I started this work, it seemed to me that I would never be able to systematize the entire volume of information for a novice practitioner. I am a perfectionist and it is always incredibly scary for me to release a new project to the World. even on the last night before submitting the material, I managed to completely rewrite the Chapter on meditation. But now the book is already available for order. Isn't this a Miracle? 💫 ⠀ It was my birthday in January, which is an important event in itself. the Interesting fact is that the first time I celebrated it was completely alone and in India. And suddenly I found myself thinking that this Is one of the happiest birthdays. Surprisingly, for happiness, we can have enough of ourselves. ⠀ And in January there was Petersburg! Time with family is always priceless and unforgettable warmth 💛 ⠀ The beginning of the year was very bright, I hope that the year will be the same. How is your January, my dears? Let's share the most exciting moments 📖 ⠀ #chudo_yoga #образжизни

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