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HowIGotThisShot with @andy_mann: "I was at Guadalupe Island in Mexico off the west coast of Baja California where there's great cage diving for great white sharks. They're an endangered species and hard to find reliably, but this is one of the places in the world where they congregate and the water's clear. It's popular for shark enthusiasts and photographers, [which means] it's a hard place to take an image that stands out amongst the others. Most of the photos are taken from cages, but I wanted to get a split shot. I always strive to connect the land to the sea. In this photo, I'm standing on top of a cage, which was hanging off the back of a boat, holding the camera half in the water waiting for the moment." // In 'How I Got This Shot,' we talk to some of our favorite photographers about what it took to nail that perfect photograph---from the location and the equipment to the spur-of-the-moment decision required to get everything just right. Link in bio to read the rest of Andy's story---and to find out how it feels to grab a shot like this. 📷: @andy_mann

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