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READY! GET SET! JUMP! 🌊🐬🐳 I think we are all trying to figure out the meaning of life. Why are some people's lives so vastly different from others? It is a matter of genetics, choices, circumstances, luck, blessings or pure destiny? Some people seem to live it up while others have been cast into a world of suffering. Some people strive for a life full of adventure, while others prefer to play it safe and barely scratch the surface. There's so much power in the words "yes" and "no". These 2 words literally create our ultimate path in life. Here I am taking the plunge into the cold sea. I've gotta be honest, it was cold out!!! It was early morning, the wind was whipping and there was a brisk chill in the air. Everything in me wanted to stay on the boat wrapped in a thermal blanket sipping coffee, BUT I said "yes" this is what I have come to do and I'm going to do it all. On this particular dive I ended-up seeing 1 of the most beautiful underwater sights of my life. The way the morning sunlight filtered down through the underwater canyons with thousands of colorful fish and coral, and playful Sea Lion pups swimming all around us, I would do it again in a heartbeat! To see such beauty is something I'll never ever forget in my lifetime, but would I remember sitting on the boat sipping coffee? #baja #mexico #seaofcortez #freediving #cressi

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