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"I must say: It sure would be great to be able to take a trip right now. I'm confident that all of you who love to travel---especially the millions who, like me, are living under virtual lockdown right now---can relate. And yet, paradoxically, the best thing we can do right now to ensure that we will all be able to travel again soon, and to once again connect with other people around the world, is to stay at home, as far away from everyone else as possible. That's why I'm joining @voguemagazine's Anna Wintour and other Condé Nast editors in pledging to #stayhome for as long as this takes. Meanwhile, we are lucky to have our imaginations, which let us fantasize about what that next trip will be when the time comes. And make no mistake, it will come---sooner, if we can all be responsible about the personal choices we make now. That's why we have adopted the mantra #postponedontcancel. It's important for the travel industry, which faces a frightening and uncertain future. But it's also important for you to remember that you won't be housebound and grounded forever, that like everything this is temporary, and that before too long we'll all be out there again satisfying our curiosity about this strange and wonderful world. Until then, let's stay home and dream together." ---A letter from our U.S. editor @jesseashlock. Read in full at the link in bio. 📷: @a_ontheroad

Users from all around the world go live, publish interesting photos and videos from trips, leave feedback and share their feelings and impressions. Watch live broadcasts of fellow travellers. Comment, ask, and learn new things. Communicate with the authors of the broadcasts in real time.

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