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"Six p.m. has always been a social time of the day in Spain. A kind of unofficial Spanish happy hour, if you will. It's when the commute between the obligations of the day and turning in at home begins. Workers and students gather as friends over tapas and little glasses of beer known as cañas, in groups so large and jolly, they inevitably spill out onto the streets. This interlude is as vital to the personality of the country as soccer or siestas, and as reliable as clockwork. Of course, that ritual is on pause right now---as is much of regular life in Spain, with the government-imposed lockdown that has left residents confined to their homes. But in an apartment complex in Madrid, 6 p.m. social hour has continued, albeit in a new format. In one apartment building, it's when the residents, who have been isolated all day, step to their windows to face those across the way. They wave hello, they stretch their legs---and they gear up for a lively round of balcony bingo." Read how balcony bingo is bringing neighbors together in Madrid---link in bio. 📷: @andreannu

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