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"We have two unmissable appointments with our neighbors, and with all Italians (and with the entire world through the power of social media). Max, my husband, and I go to our rooftop terrace or just open windows to applaud doctors and nurses (midday) for their hard work and very little rest, courage and total dedication and commitment to save people, risking their lives," Fabiola Balduzzi recently told T+L. "It's a heartbreaking moment yet very powerful. At 6 p.m. we wave at each other, we play music and sing along to famous Italian songs like 'Azzurro,' from windows to balconies and rooftops. It's the only moment of the day that we see and talk to other people. I don't know most of them but now I feel them so close to me. We are sharing a sense of solidarity and hope, we are feeling stronger and united, we feel part of the same community that is fighting the same invisible enemy. This warms my heart. We're coping with this with our Italian soul, sense of humor, resilience, creativity, and a bit of craziness. I've never been prouder to be Italian." Read more about how Italians in quarantine are making their days better and finding hope at the link in bio. #tlpicks courtesy of @donquiellumbera_

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