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"I have always prided myself on being a voracious traveler, and much of it was out of necessity, in order to go home once a year and see my family in Taipei. But in this global moment, where we physically can't travel, I feel a different kind of homesick. I'm homesick for my childhood bed and family members and home cooking. But I'm also homesick for that feeling of being on the move---planning a trip, going through the airport routine, even getting on a plane. Travel is a privilege, one that has rightfully been taken away from us at the moment. While buzzing group chats and cross-country Zoom hours make the world feel a little bit smaller right now, nothing quite takes the place of being somewhere different, of that feeling of being transported physically and mentally." Four travelers--- @bystephwu (quoted), @jenna_scatena, @sebmodak and @lalehannah---with family spread out in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, grapple with what it's like to live in a time where you can't go home---and what homesickness means when home is impossible to define. Read in full at the link in bio. 📷: @bmseventh

Users from all around the world go live, publish interesting photos and videos from trips, leave feedback and share their feelings and impressions. Watch live broadcasts of fellow travellers. Comment, ask, and learn new things. Communicate with the authors of the broadcasts in real time.

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