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Because we all need a little virtual travel at the moment, we tapped our editors and writers to share some of their favorite transportive Condé Nast Traveler pieces from the past few years. Here, our travel news director @erin_florio shares hers: "Like so many great travel stories in a magazine, the first thing that grabbed my attention with @sophy_roberts' revelatory look at Russia's remote Kamchatka were the images. Specifically, a brilliant, vibrant green rising from a shockingly fresh (and cold) looking navy sea. I had seen landscapes that looked similar in New Zealand---even with a hundred guesses I'd have never thought I was looking at Russia. Reading Sophy's piece, which unpacks this extraordinary epic wilderness, virtually unknown to the rest of the world, makes even travel editors like myself grateful to realize there is so much out there to explore, learn about, and continue to share. Sophy takes helicopters, jeeps, and powerboats through volcano-pocked landscapes home to Arctic foxes and bears, and small, isolated communities, yet somehow lets you feel like you have just made a small discovery of your own." Link in bio to get lost in Kamchatka, Russia's adventure playground. All photos by @derekhendersonphoto

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