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"My happiest moments from the past year were spent in Finland, where I spent a cold, sunless week in Lapland back in November. The fresh air and breathtaking natural beauty sustained me even after the 3 p.m. sunsets, and I made it my mission to keep my blissful, outdoorsy attitude going into 2020---and then coronavirus happened. Outbreaks are stressful, and according to the CDC, they can worsen mental health conditions to varying degrees. I've been keeping in touch with my family and having Zoom sessions with my therapist, but part of me wishes I could simply hop on a plane back to Finland." Same, @caitlinmorton23, same. Luckily for everyone, Finland's tourism board has shared the country's top five tips for happiness---specifically when you're stuck at home. So take a deep breath, and follow these steps for Finnish-style happiness until you can go on your next adventure. [link in bio] 📷: @bonnejournal

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