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Nature is Waiting! My friends over at @fjallravenofficial asked if I could help sharing their activation in honour of Earth Day 2020 (today April 22nd) by sharing my favorite Nature Moments, and encouraging you to do the same! Share your best nature moments and use hashtag #natureiswaiting and tag @fjallravenofficial 🦊 for your chance to be featured on their page. I've made it a little tradition of mine to hike in Yosemite every September. Here is a collection of photos from the park. This year I don't think I will go. I'm not sure if travel will be back to normal by September and I don't want to make any travel plans. But you know what, that's okay, nature is waiting and I know she will be back stronger than ever before! #throwback #nature #fjallraven #EarthDay2020

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