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"You know that staying at home and self-isolating is necessary and important and has to be done, but you can also still feel sad that you have to do it. Those two things aren't exclusive of each other." In the latest episode of the @womenwhotravel podcast, we explore the complicated feelings we all have about travel right now. We put a call out earlier this month, asking listeners to share what they were interested in hearing more about during this time of uncertainty. One that stood out was a request to hear how our personal travel plans were being affected---so that listeners could feel a little less alone in grieving their own postponed trips. So, this week co-hosts @lalehannah and @ohheytheremere tapped Traveler associate editor @spurrelly, who had a sister's bachelorette coming up and a big trip to Turkey and Lebanon on the horizon, and travel writer Julia Buckley, who had to cut a months-long trip to South America short, to talk through it all. Along the way, we cover how it's okay to feel sad about your canceled trip, how our priorities for future trips are changing, and where we want to go next---because we're already thinking of the next trip, whenever that may be. Listen (or read, if podcasts aren't your thing) at the link in bio. 📷: @mary_quincy

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