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"A lot of places on this planet have completely blown my mind, but this view always floats to the top. When I first moved to Rio, not knowing a lick of Portuguese nor a single soul, I remember sitting on my own at this beach to watch the sun set. It was the middle of summer, so the sun was still visible next to the mountains, rather than hidden behind them, and everyone rose to their feet to watch those last few seconds of daylight. When the sun finally disappeared, everyone on the beach broke into applause, a standing ovation, before picking up to leave. I was blown away by the sheer appreciation of something that happens naturally, every day like clockwork. But honestly that view deserves it, and so does the rest of the planet. Let's be better than we've been." --- A love letter from associate editor @spurrelly. See her guide to Brazil at the link in bio. 📷: @resilentos

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