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F I J I First phot in my new ‘Travel Throwback Series’ I’ll be sharing until travel can go back to what it ones was. Everything about travel seems so easy now when we can’t go. I find myself dreaming away to paradise places and thinking ‘when this is over I want to go here and there’ forgetting all about the practical parts such as costs and getting the time off work. Nothing seems impossible and nothing seems far away, kinda love daydreaming. If money, nor time was an issue, where would want to go once travel becomes the normal norm again? Pros & Cons from Fiji: Absolutely stunning! Never seen anything like it! If you’ve seen the movie Cast Away, that was recorded in Fiji which gives you an idea of the beautiful landscape. Con, it is far away. Especially from Europe it is a bit of a hassle to get there. Would I go back? DEFINITELY! What would I do differently next time: Stay longer and plan a dive trip. Best memory from there: ‘Honeymoon’ island (where this photo and video is from) was absolutely incredible! Imagine going on your honeymoon and get a private island! #fiji #travel #fromthearchives #fijiislands #passionpassport #motivation #dreaming Photos @tonyedgar

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