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We conceived our latest issue long before the name COVID-19 had been coined, as a celebration of great hotels (our annual Hot List) and road trips, two of the most elemental travel experiences there are. While we are not sure exactly when, we know we will travel again. "When we get to the other side, we will need travel to heal. We will need the joy it stirs and the empathy it nurtures. The worst thing this disease can do is to make us afraid of one another, to dampen our curiosity about the world, but it is in our power to keep that from happening. This is why we would like to give you permission to dream about your travel future, whenever it may come, because you do have one. Whatever you want out of the journey, remember that you remain, steadfastly, #StillATraveler. All we can do for the time being is keep the conversation going. We're here to have it with you." Read more from our U.S. editor @jesseashlock about our May/June issue, the future of travel, and how you can help the hospitality industry---link in bio. 📷: @dgsc

Users from all around the world go live, publish interesting photos and videos from trips, leave feedback and share their feelings and impressions. Watch live broadcasts of fellow travellers. Comment, ask, and learn new things. Communicate with the authors of the broadcasts in real time.

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