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Are you a takeoff and landing lover just like me? My favorite phase of a flight is definitely the landing. That means that I either landed at destination and my holiday about to begin, or that I landed back home after a day at work. These videos are from the archive, as at the moment we don’t fly much, or anything at all. Bonus if anyone can name the airport I’m landing and taking off from! But why is the takeoff and landing considered ‘critical phase of flight’? We pilots simply have less time to react, we are closer to the ground. In aviation altitude equals time, the higher up in the air we are, the more time we have to react, run the correct checklists and resolve the problem. There’s also a higher workload during takeoff and landing. Constant frequency changes and new clearances, obstacles and shifting winds that can be proven a challenge during a landing and not to mention birds and traffic intensity flying to the same airport. If you can think of anything else, comment it below. I’ve speeded the video up to not make it too long, hence why it look a bit shaky than it normally would x Maria Music: @epidemicsound Video: @gopro

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