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Though some vacations are best enjoyed spontaneously, planning a trip one year in advance can pay off. We're talking about those massive family reunions, the once-in-a-lifetime safaris, top villas and winery tastings in Tuscany, etc. For those types of trips? Dragging your feet could cause the whole thing to fall apart. In fact, some require a year of planning---minimum. Plus, with travel essentially on hold for the near future, booking trips a year out also feels, to many right now, like the only way to actively pursue future trips at all. Whether you're eager to get planning again, or are simply thinking about the future, link in bio for the trips to book a year in advance, with an expert-generated timeline on exactly how to do so. 📷: @mary_quincy

Users from all around the world go live, publish interesting photos and videos from trips, leave feedback and share their feelings and impressions. Watch live broadcasts of fellow travellers. Comment, ask, and learn new things. Communicate with the authors of the broadcasts in real time.

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