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Good morning, my dears! ☕ ️Today I invite you to a new virtual journey with me to another corner of the world that touched me to the core. ⠀ Welcome to Paris! 🇫🇷 ⠀ I think this place can not leave indifferent any man, because Paris is about art, about love, amazing sense of humor, the best wine and unique French chanson that sounds from the street cafes. ⠀ I've been here twice, last time two years ago. I still remember this hot August! ⠀ Every morning before you go for inspiration, to museums, I wore running shoes and ran 5 miles with my Just imagine: hot morning waking up in Paris, the smell of coffee and hot croissants with butter... mmm ☕ ⠀ And then a long walk to the most famous museums and exhibitions with breaks for a double espresso or a glass of icy white. ⠀ I love watching the French women! For me, they represent individuality, style and sparkle. Always incredibly stylishly dressed, with low smoky voices (Yes, there is a lot of Smoking in Paris), which gives them a special charm, with a charming smile and a subtle sense of humor. ⠀ Ended the day definitely excellent cuisine. French restaurants --- this is definitely about a real culinary skills, so many restaurants with Michelin stars, the most delicious creme brulee and refined meal, there is no city in the world 🔥 ⠀ And when good food connected with incredible atmosphere, energy of the place and purely French touch, you can lose your head forever. The French clearly about ❤it's amazing And it is in Paris that you need to learn to enjoy them and savor every bit of life, just like the French language itself. ⠀ Have you ever been to Paris, friends? Rather share your experiences ✍🏼 ⠀ #мир_как_chudo #моменты #chudo_yoga #образжизни

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