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The influence of #Instagram has consequences: spots of crowded destinations to take the same photo (see the case of the Pure Lempuyang Temple in Indonesia). . Here you see me on a unique beach of #Fuerteventura and I would say that in the world: La Oliva beach or better known in this network as #popcornbeach. . The threat that hangs over her after becoming famous for being made of "popcorn." In 2015, an Instagram user published a photograph of the curious beach sand. Since that time, this cove of Fuerteventura has received thousands of visits, which have shared their images on the network, but not only that ... #turismodepostureo has caused the stone-to-stone plunder of other valuable natural spaces of #Canarias, such as Timanfaya or Teide, and that require environmental monitoring and education and in #turismoresponsable. . This whim of nature shaped like popcorn, are actually rhodoliths (calcareous algae) from El Hierro beach, in La Oliva. These rhodoliths are formed underwater, the waves drag them to the shore, where they arrive already dead. This type of algae is eroding on the beach little by little, until it becomes sand, in a slow process that extends over centuries, since each rhodolite takes up to 50 years to form. . The result of his viral #instafama is that on the internet many visitors take their rhodolites to handfuls, in a plundering that advances at a rate of about ten kilos a month Disfruta Enjoy, do not take anything! And it supports the hashtag #PasaSinHuellaPorLaOliva. The treasures of nature are not infinite. #viajarlibres

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