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Thank you again for your messages yesterday! It really made my first day even more exciting. ⠀ I will be doing this job temporarily till the department needs my support. I am still a Cabin Crew but as I can’t execute my flying duties, I was available to do something else and was excited to take that opportunity. ⠀ What happens after baby comes, I am not sure. ⠀ Definitely, I will not be doing this job, but will I come back flying is still under question mark. ⠀ There are a lot of things to consider when you become flying mom. Everyday I think about it, weighing all the pros and cons ⠀ I still have long time to for a decision to be made, so will see at that time. ⠀ As of now, I take maximum of what comes my way! ⠀ Free from flying duties, I managed to attend two weddings, spend time with my mommy, cook a lot, sleep a lot, be with my hubby and my friends and now this job! ⠀ I always believe that things come your way when they need to come. ⠀ And for now I get to enjoy this view every day! 💫 #transport #sport_venue #stadium #vacation #airport #city #air_travel #photography #travel #tourism

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