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This 2020 I have a debt outstanding: learn to be the best ambassador of my land ( . 20 years ago I "migrated" to the city that is currently my base and my home. . When I lived in Navarre I thought it was the best place in the world. And in quality of life it is. But it got small. I wanted to travel, get out. And I've done it for the last 15 years. . They say there's a moment in life to look at your origins. See your root and, while I know I'm not coming back to live for the moment, I do want to discover my land and teach it to you. . The purpose is done. In the photo, made by my mother @ chusciao (alias fotomamáviajera), I am in the Royal Bardenas of Navarra, a natural monument that leaves you perplexed. I'm not in Arizona or Las Vegas, I'm south of Navarre. . #Navarra). #Madrid, #chusciao #igersnavarra #bardenasreales #bardenas #navarragrafias #turismonavarra #spaintravel #spainlove #sky #mountainous_landforms #natural_environment #desert #wadi #daytime #sand #cloud #badlands #landscape

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