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As promised, here are a few more highlights from the postcards received to celebrate the 150th anniversary of postcards. All of these make us happy, whether for the text, image, or perhaps for their surprising execution! You can click the images to make them bigger. Marta from Spain sent us the postcard on the left, bearing a simple but meaningful message, with charming hand-painted decorations. On the right, a handmade postcard from Mary in Russia, who mentions enjoying the opportunity to make unique postcards for her recipients and practice her English skills on the cards she sends out. This next postcard was handmade by Jessica from the USA and it contains little stars that jiggle when you shake the card! Her message on the back is equally nice and reads: “Postcards have truly let me meet and learn from all walks of life. They help me find my fellow peacemakers. Although the internet helps connect, the emotional investment of sending and receiving a physical correspondence is a true joy no email, comment or like can duplicate.” Here are two more postcards that made us swoon, from Steffi in France on the left, and Barbara in the Netherlands on the right. Aren’t they exquisite? We love it when people add a little extra something to the message side, and these small illustrations are really sweet. Liudmyla from Ukraine knitted this cute postman bear, carrying lots of mail to celebrate the big 150th anniversary. What a treasure! Erika from the Philippines wrote a long and thoughtful message about the joy that postcards bring her at the end of a long commute, and how they broaden her horizons. Daria from Russia, on the right, drew these perfect mailboxes and wrote about postcards being a concise expression of friendship. We’ve also received a few shaped postcards, but this one was particularly surprising… it’s a party plate! Tali sent it from the USA, with a fitting message: “Postcards are like mailing a smile”. 😍 And that’s a wrap on the 150 years of postcards posts! We’re planning to post more images on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) throughout the coming months, so keep an eye on those if you’d like to see more of these postcards. So, for the big reveal: we received a total of 1141 postcards! Keep an eye on your mailbox ceabcowen, your guess was the closest and we’ll be mailing you a little surprise. And last but not least, thank you everyone for your enthusiastic participation in this project. It was an honor to celebrate this historical milestone with all of you, and we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did. Onwards, to another year of adventures and happy mail stories!

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