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Do your 2020 resolutions involve getting healthier? How about traveling more? You can easily knock two goals out at once by paying a visit to some of the world's more health-conscious countries, like Japan. Thanks to a combination of exercise and diet, this country has the oldest population in the world: Scientists say a third of Japan’s population is older than 65, and the Okinawa prefecture purportedly the has the largest population of centenarians in the world. The Okinawan practice of hara hachi bu (eating until you're 80 percent full) has also shown to promote longevity and reduce the prevalence of disease. Some of our absolute favorite countries are ranked among the world's healthiest, which means you can sample some amazing cuisines and see one-of-a-kind landscapes while tackling those resolutions—link in bio for the full list. 📷: @chrisroams #sky #pagoda #mountain #cloud #tree #architecture #japanese_architecture #chinese_architecture #plant #tourism

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