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“It’s not quite 1 p.m. on a Saturday when I step into Bodega La Peninsular, a classic vermutería, or vermouth bar, hidden on an inconspicuous side street in Barcelona’s Barceloneta district. While the beachfront of this former fishing village is now one of the most tourist-trodden spots in the city, its narrow alleyways are still packed with old school vermouth haunts that were here decades before the hordes of foreign visitors arrived. Although vermouth—a fortified wine typically made from white wine and charged with spirits and flavored with spices—fell out of fashion after its working class boom in the 1940s, it has reemerged with a vengeance in the last ten years. Now, it’s a staple at Barcelona’s Sunday flea markets and slew of fashionable bars. Artisans across Spain have begun producing small-batch vermouths in a variety of new flavors, such as honey, and people across the country are drinking it up.” Our new Here, Now column looks at trends taking hold in cities around the world and gives you the low-down on how to experience them the next time you're in town—link in bio for @ikliger’s full story on the classic Catalonian ritual that’s more popular than ever. 📷: @zuckerandspice #city #town #cityscape #urban_area #human_settlement #waterway #metropolitan_area #river #harbor #building

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