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Photo by @MichaelGeorge | The area surrounding Matera, Italy, is riddled with caves. You can clamber into them and get a spectacular view of the city across the gorge. Matera has long been known as the “cave city,” because of the Sassi (literally meaning “stones”), which are cave dwellings with a dark history. These caves were once filled with families of as many as ten people, sleeping alongside their livestock. In the 1950s, the Italian government recognized their plight, and those living in the caves were evacuated to newly built homes. Today, the Sassi have been transformed into hotels, B and Bs, restaurants, bars, and artist studios. #matera #italy #cavecity #sassi #materaitaly #formation #ruins #arch #rock #cave #historic_site #architecture #geology #archaeological_site #ancient_history

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