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They offered me to advertise here... a clairvoyant fortune-teller from the CBI. "Reads maps, heals, puts the strongest defenses." "Passing through Ossetia". Apparently, she has a tour of the Golden ring of the North Caucasus. To be honest, I am a little afraid now for myself, because I refused to advertise and now I will often call it nonsense in the post. If you suddenly meet me tomorrow with green hair, a pimple on the heel, not married and with seven cats, you know-it was she who cast a spell, bewitched and imposed the crown of celibacy! Peabody-Abadi-booooo! (At this point, the witch's laugh from disney's snow White). . And now, according to tradition, the serious part. I want to Express my opinion on this. And it is... I don't believe in all this. But I believe in the ability of a person to take advantage of the weaknesses of others, manipulate them, convince them imperceptibly... I think that such clairvoyants and their ilk are visited by people who are inclined to believe in anything but themselves. For no one can protect a man better than himself and the Lord God. These people are usually very much influenced. And when they hear words in an atmosphere of mystery, mysticism, semi-darkness, burning candles and a hypnotic voice, they are immersed in all this so much that they attract the "right". . I've seen people like that. After visiting such magicians, they then go themselves not their own, digesting every word of the wizard, finding here and there confirmation of his words. And these confirmations are really there! Because changing the way of thinking and mood, a person changes the environment and environment. And Friday... And other days of the week 😜 And don't forget, ALL our THOUGHTS are MATERIAL! And Your healing or your trouble is the power of your own thoughts, not magic spells or magic! . Yes, I believe that there are people with strong energy and Providence. But it is from God. And they can heal, guide. For example, Matrona of Moscow, Vanga, there are the strongest monks. But not the slogans "I put the strongest protection", cards and black claws!!! And even for the MONEY!!! . CONTINUED IN THE CAROUSEL ☝ 🏼 ☝ 🏼 ☝ 🏼 -and-white style #hair #face #white #black #photograph #black-and-white #beauty #lip #lady #hairstyle

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