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#Moscowatnight Moscow at night is especially magical ❤️ Scroll through the carousel 🎠 You simply have to find the time until January 30 and without excuses😈 !! to take a walk in Red Square, it is better two times in the afternoon and evening. (while New Year’s restorations are in place) How important it is to find time to walk around the city at night and beyond. After all, how much Beauty is around us 🌹 sometimes we forget about it. Walks charge, inspire, give strength to create🌟 it's so nice! I have been living in Moscow since I was 17, and I can easily reach the Red Square .. but I’m even ashamed to admit that I was there 7 times on strength 😺 and for those who have not been to Moscow to find time to travel to Moscow with their family, children, not this winter, so next! A fairy tale is provided to you😘 Find time for creativity, for fun walks and just for yourself beloved ❤️ # glitter

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